Hydronic Testing and Balancing

Ensuring the Safety and Efficiency of Hydronic Systems


Many HVAC Systems also include Hydronic (water) Systems to provide for the heating and/or cooling function of each installed system. Hydronic Systems can also provide for energy saving heat recovery or process heat transfer requirements within a facility. Systems that Enviro-Aire is contracted for can include (but are not limited to) the testing and balancing of: HVAC Hot Water Heating Systems, Chilled Water Systems, Chilled Beam Cooling Systems, Heat Recovery Systems, Process Cooling Systems, Domestic Hot Water Systems, Cooling Towers, Buffer Tanks, Expansion Tanks, Boilers, Pumps, and Water Heaters.

Our Hydronic TAB Technicians ensure that each tested system is achieving the required water flow at each element of the system and that system pressures required to maintain adequate water flow are at the optimum setting for the overall energy efficiency of the system. Our technicians may assist in identifying deficiencies within hydronic systems that may prevent them from operating efficiently.

Properly commissioned and maintained Hydronic Systems can result in energy savings of up to 30% and can improve the quality of the conditioned environment for the building occupants.

We provide independent, professional Hydronic Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Services to a wide range of customers engaged in both the public and private sectors of Business. Enviro-Aire technicians are experts in the field of testing, adjusting and balancing Hydronic systems. Our technicians receive continual training on the latest testing TAB processes and tools to ensure our customers receive optimal service and support.

Enviro-Aire is a member of the Michigan Environmental Balancing Bureau (MEBB) and is fully certified through the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) which is the premier certification association for the testing, adjusting and balancing of building systems.