Professional conduct, attitude and dedication

Dear Enviro-Aire, Thank you for the dedicated effort, late hours, commitment to commissioning all the work the last three years. My sincere appreciation to your staff for their professional attitude and dedication to getting all the work done.

Stephen Tertel II, Director of Campus Development St. Mary's Hospital

Our Services

Certified NEBB technicians trained to utilize the most advanced procedures to ensure superior (TAB) services in the following areas.


Air Systems

At Enviro-Aire, we are experts in the routine testing, adjusting, and balancing of air systems. Our testing contracts can include, but are not limited to) the testing and balancing of HVAC constant and variable volume systems, multi-zone systems, induction unit systems, dual-duct systems, energy recovery systems, laboratory and bio-safety systems, industrial systems, and commercial kitchen ventilation systems.



We provide annual testing of airflow and air quality of critical areas for hospitals and healthcare. Our certified staff also performs annual fire and smoke damper inspections to ensure safety and integrity of air systems.



Our Hydronic TAB Technicians ensure that each tested system is achieving the required water flow at each element of the system, and that system pressures required to maintain adequate water flow are at the optimum setting for the overall energy efficiency of the system.

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