Commissioning Support

New Construction

Ensuring the Safety and Integrity of Air and Hydronic Systems

    • Participate in commissioning team meetings.
    • Participate in problem solving activities prior to and during install of air and hydronic systems.
    • Provide ongoing input to the team during testing and balancing activities: Including timely notification of problems and deficiencies.
    • Provide testing and balancing support to the commisioning agent during comissioning activities.

Retro Commissioning (Testing and Balancing)

Improving Your Building's Operation and Maintenance


Retro-commissioning identifies the condition of the systems within existing structures and seeks to uncover problems and document inefficiencies, as well as identify energy-saving and other opportunities for improvement.

Retro-commissioning's goal is to provide documentation for clients on how to improve the way a building's equipment and systems function together. Retro-commissioning can uncover problems which occurred during construction or operation of an existing building, but can also reveal issues that have developed during the life of the structure.

Overview of TAB-Related Retro-Commissioning Activities:

  1. Review existing systems and related documentation
  2. Review retro-commissioning plan proposed for the implementation
  3. Perform functional tests and calibration of existing components of each air or hydronic system included in the retro-commissioning plan
  4. Analyze the test data for possible "simple fixes" for existing functional issues

Systems which may be included in the TAB scope of work for the Retro-Commissioning Process:

    • Building automation system, including controlled devices and sensors
    • Cooling systems
    • Central cooling plant
    • Primary air-handling units (AHUs)
    • Terminal units
    • Heating systems
    • Central boiler plant
    • Domestic hot water equipment
    • Building pressurization controls